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Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection

Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia

Environmental Protection Agency

Ecoregister update

COBISS - Virtual library of Serbia

Database of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia

RHMS - current hydrometeorological data on the territory of Serbia

Request for access to information of public importance

You have a right to know! - A Guide for High School Pupils about the Right of Free Access to Information

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This page provides the option of an advanced database search by selecting the type of the document (e.g. whether the document in question is a law, a study, etc.), the topic that the documents deal with (e.g. biodiveristy, air quality, climate change, etc.), language, responsible institution, keywords etc. In order to facilitate the use of search options, responsible institutions are classified into five basic categories: 1) ministries, agencies, institutes, museums and other governmental institutions; 2) city and municipality governments; 3) protected areas; 4) enterprises; 5) non-governmental organizations. Search can be conducted by selecting one or several optional search criteria and, as a search result, a list of all documents that meet selected criteria will be presented.