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Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection

Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia

Environmental Protection Agency

Ecoregister update

COBISS - Virtual library of Serbia

Database of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia

RHMS - current hydrometeorological data on the territory of Serbia

Request for access to information of public importance

You have a right to know! - A Guide for High School Pupils about the Right of Free Access to Information

Ecoregister updating

If you are aware of relevant documents or institutions that are not already entered in Ecoregister, you can propose their entries by using the links presented in this page. It is important to recommend only those documents and institutions which are related to the environmental issues. All recommended institution and document entries will be assessed by the administrators before they are included in the Ecoregister.

Updates and corrections of the existing entries of documents and institutions can be accessed directly from the pages within Ecoregister that present each entry.

We would appreciate if you accompany all suggestions with your name and contact data in the designated field. Since the Ecoregister represents a national database, system for database updating is provided only in Serbian language.

Recommendations for the Ecoregister updating, beside representatives of relevant institutions, can be provided as well by all interested persons.

The proposal to add the document to the base register

The proposal to add the institution to the base register